We believe that win-win is the foundation of all long lasting relationships. In our organisation, we strive to let our people win first. Only when our people win, our customers will win. The role of leadership is to help our people win through providing continuous learning and growth opportunity, sharing the gains of our success and providing a sustainable job security.

During challenging times, our suppliers and vendors have been one important pillar of strength for us; we treat them with respect and want them to win too. Thanks to that, we are able to contribute to our society and environment.
We continue to invest in our people through both internal and external training, and we continue to give out long service awards.

We embrace the principles of “Great Game of Business” pioneered by Jack Stack.

Know & Teach the rules: We practice open book management and educate our people continuously on the impact of their actions on our business.
Keep Score & Follow the actions: We monitor our progress closely through open visual management on all areas of our business with daily, weekly and monthly huddles.
Have a Stake in the outcome: We set targets for all of us to strive towards with rewards for all involved.

Our eventual goal is to have our people owning shares of our company. We are taking baby steps towards employee ownership. Our target is to start employee ownership from 2016.